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The Biggest Problem Of Our Society Today

The overwhelming negativity that abounds the world is so immense that it is sometimes still shocking to the conscience of man. David Dardashti reveals how society’s baffling affinity with negativity diminishes our sense of grit and hope.

Executive Burnout and Its Complications

Oftentimes we disregard work-related stress because we thought of it as a normal occurrence. What we don’t know is that this special type of stress has a much more detrimental effect on us physically and emotionally. In this video David Dardashti educates us on the effects of Executive Burnout and how to handle this type of stress out of our lives. It bears stressing that despite the Corona virus pandemic, David Dardashti still wishes to help anyone with this problem.

Trauma Video By David Dardashti

We should never underestimate the effects of childhood and life sufferings. Agonies of our past can completely damage our being and shatter all our dreams of living a peaceful and amazing journey. David Dardashti gives us a holistic and atomistical point of view on the effects of trauma in one’s lifetime. In retrospect, no one could have anticipated the amount of pain that life misery can give to an individual. Hence, these traumas should be addressed by experts who know how to treat this illness

What are the Causes of Anxiety and Its Solutions

Listen to David Dardashti as he untangles the causes and effects of anxiety to a person, marriage, family, and relationships; and how to deal with this issue in your life.

Researchers are not sure of the exact cause of anxiety. But, it’s likely a combination of factors plays a role. These include genetic and environmental factors, as well as brain chemistry. In addition, researchers believe that the areas of the brain responsible for controlling fear may be impacted.