The decision to seek treatment for alcoholism does not come lightly. We realize how much courage it takes just to consider treatment, especially after you may have already tried more than once to get sober. Our caring ibogaine treatment professionals can assist you in the decision-making process if you call 1-800-818-4511 . Below, we’ll explain in depth how ibogaine treatment can help you overcome alcohol addiction.


Life-threatening complications may arise if alcohol is abruptly eliminated from day-to-day use after a prolonged period of regular drinking. Seizures and other serious health impacts such as cardiomyopathy and delirium tremens are possible in early withdrawal. During the acute alcohol withdrawal phase, 24-120 hours after the last drink, medical supervision is vital to ensure patient safety.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

Dangerous symptoms of withdrawal, including delirium tremens and seizures, can arise quickly and without warning. If you or someone you know is withdrawing from alcohol and you experience shakiness, fever, confusion, or hallucinations, seek immediate medical help. This is why alcohol detox in a medical facility is recommended, because severe symptoms and complications of withdrawal can become extremely dangerous, extremely fast.

Treatment can prevent withdrawal and initiate a balancing effect within the body. Neurons begin functioning smoothly again and healing takes place throughout the body. 


Because alcohol withdrawal is so dangerous, and ultimately to ensure guest safety under all treatment conditions, our Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is staffed by 15 doctors that work very closely with individuals throughout the recovery process. Our location is just 40 minutes from the Cancun airport and, should any serious health threats arise, we have a hospital nearby for immediate assistance. (Please note—ibogaine treatment itself is not dangerous, but it is important to understand that alcohol withdrawal itself could be dangerous)

Your safety and comfort are our primary concerns. If you have questions about the treatment process, or what to expect, call our ibogaine clinic to speak with a professional at 1-800-818-4511. We are available to address your concerns and to put your mind at ease.


The treatment can restore balance to the neurochemistry within your body. It is especially helpful in treating alcoholism because it helps to eliminate cravings. Alcohol addiction recovery is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome because it requires you to have a strong enough mindset to completely stray away from shelves in the grocery store, bars on the street corner, and the overabundance of alcohol that is offered at parties and everywhere around you.

The treatment evokes a deep sense of calmness, followed by a period in which the guest is in a dream-like state but awake. This is not hallucinations, because the visions that the individual sees are from his or her subconscious. They are true emotions and events that contributed to their character and to the behavioral patterns that they now actively partake in—including their addiction.

During this time, the guest is able to review the negative emotions that are responsible for their addiction and, after confronting the emotions, the negativity is eliminated from the subconscious. This perception creates a positive shift for the recovering alcoholic allowing him or her to no longer be burdened by the harmful or traumatic memories that were at the root of their addiction.

When we say treatment helps to free you from addiction—we mean it!

Ibogaine has a proven track record of helping people overcome addiction to alcohol, stimulants, and opiates. But what happens after you receive treatment and you return home?

We recommend you continue to receive counseling or the support of a quality aftercare program for several months after you complete treatment at our Ibogaine Clinic. Twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous can provide a solid foundation upon which you can continue your recovery and healing. A quality aftercare program will include:


  • Continued peer support.
  • Fellowship to help you build a network of others in recovery.
  • Family integration or counseling to help repair family bonds.
  • Follow up encouragement or accountability to ensure you remain sober.


Your decision to continue counseling, therapy or participation in a 12-step program such as AA after you receive ibogaine treatment can help you to remain sober long-term. Therapy and continued assistance are encouraged, especially for those who were addicted for several years prior to getting proper help.


Are you ready to stop living day-to-day as a slave to alcohol? Ibogaine treatment will literally free you from addiction so that you can take back your life. We are available to assist in your decision to get help if you give our professional Ibogaine Clinic a call at 1-800-818-4511 . This call could literally change your life!